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Simple Video Player Using OpenCV


This document explains the code I have used to create a simple video player using the OpenCV library. The control panel, buttons, text fields, slider, video screen, etc. which are all sub-regions of a big image, are implemented in C using the OpenCV library. One may use this as a quick guide to the most common OpenCV functions. Although I suggest this document for those who are beginners and want to quickly get accustomed to using OpenCV, I strongly recommend using the official book ``Learning OpenCV'', published by O'REILLY. This document will be most beneficial for those who are already familiar with image / video processing, but want to start using OpenCV library for various reasons.

[Documentation in PDF format].

[Source file (video_player.c)].

A demo of this video player can be seen in the above video. Below is a screenshot.

Milind G. Padalkar ( )
October 2010